Corfu Trail: the villages

Corfu Trail: the villages


Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Satelite image of Kavos

The settlement of Kavos was until 1970 a small fishing village with no more than 200 inhabitants. From then on, taking advantage of the very long (about 2 km) sandy coast, Kavos gradually turned exclusively into a holiday settlement. The touristic over-growth created hundreds of seasonally operating businesses in a core without permanent residents and made Kavos look like a ghost-town during the "off-season" period. Most hikers ovelook Kavos and pass across quickly to reach the first dirt road to Arkoudilas monastery.


Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: The "River" in Lefkimi

Lefkimmi is a small town, spread over a plain inland area in southern Corfu, surrounded by agricultural land with olive groves and vineyards. It is in fact the metropolis of southern Corfu, with several districts articulated around its center and a total population of about 5,000 inhabitants.

Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: One of the most impressive mansions of Lefkimi

Due to the inland character of Lefkimmi, the accommodation options are not abundant, as in the coastal settlements, but the visitor will not find it difficult to find nearby accommodation, especially during the tourist season.


Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Tourist train in Agios Georgios

The coastal Agios Georgios Argyradon (or Agios Georgios South, so it is distinguished from the homonymous settlement to the north) is a loose holiday settlement on the SW coast of Corfu. The area provides several accommodation and dining options and is suitable for calm vacations.


Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Ano Pavliana

Ano Pavliana is a quiet semi-mountainous settlement, built at an altitude of 270 m and stretched on a verdant hill slopes, among dense olive groves and cypress thickets.
No worthwhile tourist services are available in Ano Pavliana - hikers should resort either to the few accommodations of the nearby Kato Pavliana, or to the many more options of the coastal Paramonas settlement.


Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Spartylas

Built at an altitude of 380 meters in the shade of a rocky outcrop of the SW slopes of Pantokratoras, Spartylas has nice view to the South. The core of the village is tightly built, with old and rather well-cared houses with tile roofs, while there are few sparse gatherings of newer buildings along the road connection with the coastal front. There are few accommodation and dining options - alternatively, the hiker can seek these services to the nearby coastal resorts of Ypsos bay.


Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Old Perithia

Last stop of Corfu Trail, Old Perithia is the most well-preserved old village of Corfu. Among the restored stone-built houses you will find the old merchant house, now a luxury hostel, and several taverns. The village is surrounded by many interesting churches.

Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Plan of Old Perithia


Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: The church of Agios Spyridonas

The settlement of Agios Spyridonas consists of a few summer houses and services, stretches along a sandy beach. The placename derives from the name of the church of Agios Spyridonas.
In the Summer, the settlement offers some accommodation and food services.

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