Corfu Trail

Corfu Trail
crossing a whole island on foot

Corfu Trail is a long route crossing the entire Corfu island, from South to North. The route has been gradually created by friends of the island, after long-term investigation of the old connections, rescued by the development of the road network. Thanks to the wise planning, which manages to combine large part of the beautiful natural landscapes of Corfu, maneuvering with success within a space with intense and omnipresent human activity, Corfu Trail has become one of the most popular long hiking routes in Greece.

Corfu Trail map
Moreover, the route of Corfu Trail avoids the steep or tiring passages, composing in that way a route of low intensity and difficulty, despite its long length, both of the daily sections and the whole.

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Corfu Trail stretches to a length of 180km and crosses many settlements, 13 of them being used as daily stops (Kavos, Lefkimi, Agios Georgios Argyradon, Ano Pavliana, Benitses, Pelekas, Liapades, Agios Georgios Pagon, Rekini, Spartylas, Kaminaki, Old Perithia, Agios Spyridon). The route crosses some of the major historical, cultural and environmental features of Corfu and it is connected to an infinite network of adjacent trails.

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1. Corfu Trail
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3. Nestos-Rodopi Trail
4. Ursa Trail
5. Long Pelion Trail
6. Epirus Trail
7. National Trail Ο22

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