Corfu Trail: the master map

Corfu Trail master map
Points of Interest

Corfu Trail is designed to offer a relative flexibility, depending on the pace, the desired duration of the daily course and the temper for detours or other interests. Thus, there are no mandatory starting and ending points for each daily section: the hiker is free to decide in which of the available stops will stay overnight and in many cases may choose to shorten a course by using a "shortcut" in a route, either by covering a section of roads with the help of a vehicle or by bridging two routes via a shorter variant. Consequently, one can cover the route from Kavos to Agios Spyridon in 8, 10 or 12 days. The current route description however keeps the daily lengths in reasonable sizes and organize the route into 12 sections.

The 12 sections Corfu Trail

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4. Ursa Trail
5. Long Pelion Trail
6. Epirus Trail
7. National Trail Ο22

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