Hiking networks

Hiking network studies

AnaDigit is the leading company in cartographic services and relevant studies in Greece. After a long term in analog cartography, during which it published hundrends of titles of hiking maps, guides and nearly 10 atlases, AnaDigit developed all cartographic applications used today in Greece: Toponavigator, the Topoguide applications family, Toponavigator IMS internet map provider and Trail Creator, the specialized application for developing hiking networks.

Thanks to the staffing by experienced scientists and the deep knowledge of the field of hiking in Greece, AnaDigit has gained the trust of institutes and bodies involved in developing hiking networks. After a preparatory period of 4 years, during which AnaDigit developed its methods and digital tools, the company is responsible today for the development of almost all studies on hiking networks in Greece.
After the certification of Menalon Trail by the European Ramblers Association, for which the company developed innovative methods for evaluating the trail, its contribution in completion of the certification for Ursa Trail and the pre-evaluation of Epirus Trail, AnaDigit has undertaken the evaluation and submission of the certification candidature for the Nestos - Rodopi Trail. Finally, just recently AnaDigit, in collaboration with I. Stefanidis, has undertaken the technical part for the first study for trails ever launched in a public call by the Greek Forest Service.