Butterflies along Corfu Trail

Butterflies along Corfu Trail

Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Colias croceus

Thanks to the great diversity of habitats, Corfu Island hosts an interesting variety of butterfly species, such as Boloria graeca, Papilio alexanor, Iphiclides podalirius and Vanessa atalanta.

Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Limenitis reducta

One of the more impressive species, Limenitis reducta is common across the countyside of Corfu, where can be srotted flying from May to July, around mid-elevation locations with some vegetation.

Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Melanargia galathea

Melanargia galathea, known also as Marbled white, is a common and quite widespread butterfly in dry meadows and fields of low altitude. It has white and brown-grayish colorations in its wings, while its pattern resembles a marble mosaic.

Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Vanessa cardui

The Painted lady (Vanessa cardui) is a fairly common and widespread in Europe butterfly, with a notable variety of colorations and patterns on its wings, fully justifying its common name: orange-red and black prevail on the upperside, while the underpart is colored with different shades of brown and strokes of azure, salmon and white.

Corfu Trail
Corfu Trail: Macroglossum sellatarum

Beside real butterflies, the Hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarumi) is a particularly distinctive moth, thanks to its extremely long proboscis with which it collects the nectar of the flowers while in flight.

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