Towns and villages of Epidavros

Towns and villages of Epidavros

Epidavros topoguide
Epidavros topoguide: The village Ligourio. The dark massif of Mt. Arachneo is on the background

The largest settlement in the area is Lygourio, a reflection of the acnient residential area around the Asklepiio. Near the coast are two notable settlements that inherit the name of Epidavros, Palea (Old) Epidavros (which has been renamed Ancient Epidavros) and New Epidavros.

Palea Epidauros is a picturesque settlement that embraces the beautiful harbor, at the mouth of the bay of the same name. The ruins of the ancient city are preserved on the peninsula, where the so-called Small Theater of Ancient Epidavros has been restored and hosts important performances every summer. Fifteen vaulted Mycenaean tombs were excavated on the western side of the settlement.

In Nea Epidavros, visitors should visit the Museum of the First National Assembly, with which the current Greek state came into existence at the beginning of 1822. Above the settlement, in a rocky outcrop with a panoramic view, rises a small byzantine castle.

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