Map of Taygetos and POIs

Map of Mt Taygetos
Points of Interest

Taygetos topoguide
Taygetos topoguide: Anavryti

The map of Mt Taygetos is composed of 18 zoom levels, going down to 1:2,500 scale. Across the more than 20 thematic layers of the map, you will find:

  • All the towns and villages.
  • More than 300 km of paths.
  • All road network, down to abandoned roads.
  • More than 500 placenames.
  • All churches and chapels and monasteries of the area.
  • All the ancient and byzantine monuments.
  • All springs and fountains.
  • All caves and potholes.

Points of Interest (POIs)

Taygetos topoguide includes of Points of Interest. Seleect a group of POIs to plot them on the map.

Hiking and nature guide of Mt Taygetos

Taygetos topoguide

The map is included in the hiking application Taygetos topoguide, available for Android, as well as for iOS devices.
Taygetos topoguide offers active guidance along the trail, as well as an extented guidebook on the geography, the nature and the history of the area.