Spilios Agapitos refuge-Zonaria-Louki-Kakoskala-Skala

Ascent to Mytikas

Spilios Agapitos refuge-Zonaria-Louki-
Kakoskala-Skala-Spilios Agapitos refuge

The ascent from Spilios Agapitos refuge to Mytikas via the Louki and the return via Kakoskala and Skala back to the refuge is one of the two preferred routes to Mytikas - the other is the Muses Plateau-Zonaria of Stefani-Louki Mytikas route.

From the Spilios Agapitos refuge, go up the well-marked and clean E4 trail that runs through sparse stands of Bosnian pine trees (Pinus heldreichii). Pass a ravine and climb steadily for about half an hour, up to a stone-built bench.
Following the long path that maneuvers on the bare and rocky slope, till a junction: the path to the left is marked with the E4 signs and leads to Christakis bovouac, while we will continue to the right, on the path leading to Zonaria. The signposting of the junction is not related with the importance of the junction.

The crossing of the Zonaria of Mytikas is one of the most intense experiences on Mt Olympus: the linear formations of the successive layers of ancient sediments extend from the hiker's feet to the horizon. The path is very good, stable and wide. With few maneuvers, we reach the base of Louki of Mytikas and we should prepare ourselves for the climb.

Mt Olympus topoguide
Mt Olympus topoguide: Mytikas
The route has several blue on yellow background signs. The configuration of Louki looks more like a recession than a couloir - although "Louki" means the couloir. The route follows this recession with small maneuvers, looking for a series of successive slopes, separated by 4 steeper steps. The most difficult steps are the first (where the rock is slippery, due to continuous use) and the third step and could be considered as easy climbing (2-3rd apline degree).
Mt Olympus topoguide
Mt Olympus topoguide: The slopes betwen the steps are notably less steep
The height of Louki is just 150 m and keeping a normal pace, you will climb it in about 0h30 to 0h45. Throughout the ascent you must be very careful not to throw stones at those who follow and make sure to warn them in time for your evolution. Do not overtake and do not make variations of the marked ascent line.
Mt Olympus topoguide
Mt Olympus topoguide: On the top of Greece
On the ascent to Mytika from Louki not special equipment or notable supplies are needed. However, one equipment is for sure necessary: the helmet. If you do not have your own, you can rent or borrow from the Spilios Agapitos refuge.
On the summit, don't forget to leave your mark on the summit book - obviously we leave nothing else.
Mt Olympus topoguide
Mt Olympus topoguide: On the crag Paramytikas-Kakoskala
We will choose for the return way to climb down via the Kakoskala. Just after the summit point, we have to face the first difficult section, consising of a series of ledges, ending in a steep but passable slab. Descend this slab from the left and continue in an easier terrain until the Mytikas-Paramytikas crag.
Climb safely a few meters up to the top of Paramytikas and carefully descend a row of slabs to the Paramytikas-Kakoskala crag. The passages are on very good rock and the yellow/red marks guide safelly your steps.
Mt Olympus topoguide
Mt Olympus topoguide: On the last meters of Kakoskala
After the crag, ascend to a terrain of broken yet stable rocks towards Skala. The last meters are somewhat more steep, but in a very safe terrain.

Gain the summit of Skala. After a well earned rest, take the well-written yet "endless" path to the Zonaria-Agios Antonios junction. At the junction, the terrain changes and from a rolling scree becomes stable rocky ground. Continue downhill with maneuvers and after passing the junction with Chondromesorahi (the stone-built bench !), follow the increasingly earthy path to the Spilios Agapitos refuge.

Elevation profile of the ascent from Spilios Agapitos refuge to Mytikas via the Louki and back to the refuge via the Kakoskala and Skala
Mt Olympus topoguide
Elevation profile of the ascent
from Spilios Agapitos refuge to Mytikas via the Louki
and back to the refuge via the Kakoskala and Skala
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Text and photos by Triantafyllos Adamakopoulos

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