Beaches of Serifos

beaches of Serifos

Serifos has more than 45 beaches, roughly evenly distributed on the four sides of the island - with a greater density to the east. All beaches have clear water; most of them are sandy or with fine pebbles. Some beaches are accessible only by the sea or by a rough path, while the larger ones have a good road.
None of the Serifos beaches has any significant infrastructure and only a few have some seasonal accommodation facilities (sun beds, umbrellas, beach bar).
The beaches of the south side of the island, from Ganema to Megalo Livadi, have a distinctive color due to the iron oxide granules mixed with silicius sand.

Serifos topoGuide
Serifos: Koutalas beach
  • Livadi. Just beside the port, obviously not a romantic place, yet it can be a practical solution.

  • Livadakia. A long sandy beach with tamarisks.

  • Karavi. A sandy beach without any shadow.

  • Vatoudi. A pebble beach, accessible only by boat.

  • Vgeniou. Accessible only by boat.

  • Lagadia. Accessible only by boat.

  • Alevrakia. Accessible only on foot, either from Ramos, or via the dirt orad heading to Stamata. Obviously, accessible also by boat.

  • Stamata. Served by a dirt road. The bay hosts a fish farm.

  • Kalo Ambeli. A sandy beach without any shadow, accessible on foot.

  • Vagia. Half-sandy, half-pebbled, without any tree.

  • Ganema. A long sandy beach - some pebbles also. Several tall tamarisks offer some shadow.

  • Koutalas. A long beach with reddish sand and many mature tamarisks.

  • Malliadiko. After some dirt road, a broken alley heads to the beach. A line of mature tamarisks offer some shadow; an old well, out of service, marks the center of the shoreline.
Serifos topoGuide
Serifos: Malliadiko beach
  • Kalogeros. A secluded bay, a pebbled beach without trees.

  • Achladi or Vreloudi. A pebbled beach, accessible by boat.

  • Dyo Gialoudia. Accessible by boat.

  • Baloma. Accessible by boat.

  • Mega Livadi. Access by asphalt road and some dirt road. A laong sandy beach with tamarisks. In the middle of the bay, a tavern is open all summer.
Σεριφος topoGuide
Σεριφος: Παραλία Μέγα Λιβάδι
  • Avessalos. Fine pebbles, access by a well trotten dirt road.

  • Notino. A pebbled beach, accessed by foot.

  • Ellinika. A pebbled beach, accessed by boat.

  • Karavas. A pebbled beach, accessed by boat or on foot. Hikers can start from Liomandra or even better from Pyrgi, a rural satelite of Panagia.

  • Gialoudaki or Gialoudi. A pebbled beach, accessed on foot from Sykamia.

  • Sykamia. A long, quiet sandy beach, shadowed by tamarisks. The bay is facing the north winds.

  • Skala. A path starts from the eastern end of Sykamia and runs along the rocky shore. There are some white signs on the dark rocks. The beach is sandy, without trees.

  • Paraspario or Paspario. Accessed by boat.
Serifos topoGuide
Serifos: Platys Gialos beach
  • Platys Gialos. Closing a marsh, the beach has some tamarisks. The beach is pebbles, the coastline offers a flat rock bed.

  • Mesiano. A pebbled beach with some tamarisks.

  • Distomos. A pebbled beach, accessed by boat.

  • Vathia Lagada. A pebbled beach, accessed by boat.

  • Kentarchos. A secluded, quiet beach, surrounded by some huts and shodowed by tamarisks. Access on a well trotten path from Kallitsos.

  • Forologoumenos. A pebbled beach, facing to SE, accessed by boat.

  • Vrakozostis. A secluded, small beach, accessed by boat.

  • Agios Ioanis. A nice place, near the settlement. The beach has pebbles nad sand, somewhat croweded in the Summer.

  • Psili Ammos. The most popular beach of Serifos, croweded in the Summer. Nice sand, ideal for children.

  • Plakoto. When Agios Sostis main beach is overcrowed, people go to this small rocky bay.

  • Agios Sostis. An astonishing landscape, very interesting geomorphology and rock formations. After the tamarisks have been pruned, the only place offering some shadow - for a few people - is the terrasse of the church. The golden sand and the shallow water make this beach ideal for everybody. Access via a wide path 250 m long. Vehicles are prohibited.
Serifos topoGuide
Serifos: Sykamia beach
  • Kolybithra. A pebbled beach, accessed by boat.

  • Lia. A dirt road and a bit of path lead to this beautiful naturalists beach.

  • Karamoussas. A pebbled beach, accessed by boat.

  • Tsilipaki. A pebbled beach, at the mouth of a small valley. The water of the ravine feeds a small lagoon. The place is quiet, however it is better to avoid it under the south winds, due to the nearby presence of the output of the waste water treatment plant.

  • Vroulia. Accesed on foot.

  • Avlomonas. A long sandy beach with many tamarisks, in the Summer, possibly disturbed be the nearby dirt road. A nice place for children, somewhat croweded in the Summer.

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