Beaches of Santorini

beaches of Santorini

Santorini topoGuide
Santorini topoGuide: Kantharos beach

The singular geological history of Santorini becomes even more intense and impressive in the contact zone with the marine landscape. The entire coastline of the island is an endless sculpture exhibition of abnormal sizes, otherworldly colors and peculiar forms. Between the rocky slopes of caldera, but also the other coasts of the island, several beaches are formed, small but particularly sought-after, such as Armeni, long and crowded, such as Kamari and Perissa.

Santorini topoGuide
Santorini topoGuide: Kokkini (Red) beach

In the summer time, an oversupply of services and provisions frames these unique landscapes, turning them to touristic resources. Outside the touristic season, the visitor can enjoy these beaches undisturbed, which some of them are included in the waymarked routes or are connected via small paths with the settlements.

Santorini topoGuide
Santorini topoGuide: Perissa beach

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