Churches of Santorini

churches of Santorini

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Santorini topoGuide: Episkopi Gonias

A place tormented by the earthquakes, Santorini clearly bears the signs of dedication of the islanders to the divine element: the island is strewn with churches and chapels. 338 orthodox churches and chapels and 10 Catholic have been recorded on the island of Santorini and 14 churches are known to be found in Thirassia.

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Santorini topoGuide: Agios Ioanis Katiforis

The two most important religious monuments of the island are {b}Aghia Irini{/b} in Perissa and {b}Panaghia of Episkopi.

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Santorini topoGuide: Agios Vassilios in Emborios

About 1/5 of the rural churches on the island) {b}dugout{/b}, and like the respective houses are single-roomed, small, dark and without decoration.

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Santorini topoGuide: Christos in Emborios

The built churches, those who have survived from the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, are single-aisled, usually dromic barrel-vaulted or domed, although there are several cross-vaulted churches. There are few two-aisled churches (such as Aghia Irini in Perissa) and the sole three-aisled basilica is Aghios Nikolaos Kisiras in Pyrgos. The domes often have a blue coating and are often decorated with bulges.

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Santorini topoGuide: Panagia Katefiani, Perissa

Next to most churches there is the festive hall, usually a single-roomed building with benches and tables, used on the day of the saint's celebration, when a communal meal takes place, the so-called "panigiri" (fest), which includes traditional food with local products.

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Santorini topoGuide: Agios Georgios Katefios

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