Flora of Parnitha

Flora of Parnitha

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Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos

Flora over the months and the elevation

Flowering species per month
The altitudinal range of each species
Parnitha topoguide
Parnitha topoguide: Tulipa orphanidea

The flora of Mt. Parnitha is one of the richest on a Greek mountain, as it includes almost 1/6 of the total number of plants species found in Greece.

More specifically, more than 1000 plant species have been recorded, including 96 species exclusively endemic to Greece, rare or endangered, such as the White peony (Paeonia mascula hellenica), the Red Lily (Lilium chalcedonicum), the Red Tulip (Tulipa orphanidea or T. hageri), the Boeotian Tulip (Tulipa undulatifolia or T. boeotica), the Yellow Tulip (Tulipa australis or T. sylvestris-australis), the the Simpthorp's Ebony (Ebenus sibthorpii), Lomelosia hymettia (or Scabiosa hymettia), Salvia ringens, Iris sintenisii, Iberis carnosa (I. tenoreana), the Greek Fritilaria (Fritillaria graeca) and Fritillaria obliqua obliqua, Malosorbus florentina, Asperula baenitzii and Amelanchier chelmea.

Parnitha topoguide
Parnitha topoguide: Tulipa australis

Photos and descriptions of plant species of Mt Parnitha are included in the application Parnitha topoguide, available for both Android and iOS (iPhone και iPad) devices.
The application guides the hiker to locate the habitat-type of each plant species.