Map and POIs of Kefalonia

Map of Kefalonia
Points of Interest

Kefalonia topoGuide
Kefalonia topoGuide: Argostoli, the capital city of Kefalonia

The map of Kefalonia is composed of 18 zoom levels, going down to 1:2,500 scale. Across the more than 20 thematic layers of the map, you will find:

  • All the towns and villages of Kefalonia.
  • More than 200 km of paths.
  • All road network, down to abandoned roads.
  • More than 1000 placenames.
  • All churches, chapels and monasteries of the islands.
  • All the ancient and byzantine monuments.
  • All springs and fountains.
  • All caves and potholes.
  • Hundreds of hotels and hostels.

Points of Interest (POIs)

Kefalonia topoguide includes of Points of Interest. Select a group of POIs to plot them on the map.

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Kefalonia hiking,
nature and cultural guide

The map is included in the hiking guide Kefalonia topoguide, created by AnaDigit.

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The Kefalonia topoguide guide is also available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) through the general hiker application Topoguide Greece. Get Kefalonia topoguide as an in-app purchase via the available regions list.

It is very interesting that topoguide Greece has the ability to simultaneously display up to 15 different areas, thus allowing an overall view of the Greek Islands and the easy alternation of hundreds of hiking routes, hundreds of Points of Interest and dozens of pages of the guide with innumerable photos.
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