Fauna of Kefalonia

The nature of Kefalonia

The fauna of Kefalonia

The fauna of terrestrial mammals in Kefalonia has not anything special or interesting, except the so-called Wild horses of Mt. Aenos.

However, the location of Kefalonia is quite advantageous for the presence of cetaceans: the Greek trench lies in a short distance from the western coast of the island, with abyssal depths that reach 1000 meters in just 4-5 nautical miles from the island, which offers variety of food in large cetaceans and consists a critical habitat for them. At the same time, from the eastern coast of Kefalonia, a spacious inshore sea with particular richness attracts smaller cetaceans.

Thanks to the great variety of habitats, Kefalonia presents an impressive number of bird species, from rare wetland visitors to mountain forest species. Read more on the avifauna of Kefalonia island on the relevant page, Birds of Kefalonia.

On the other hand, thanks to the coastal wetlands, the small lakes such as lake Akoli and lake Avythos, and the surface waters, Kefalonia has an interesting amphibian fauna, though without surprises. Instead, much more interesting are the lizard biodiversity, which incude several species of limited distribution, like Dalmatian Algyroides (Algyroides nigropunctatus ssp. kephallithacius), which is endemic to Cephalonia and Ithaca, the Greek Algyroides (Algyroides moreoticus), which is endemic to the Ionian islands and the Peloponnese, and the local subspecies of the Balkan Wall Lizard (Podarcis tauricus ssp. ionica), which is endemic to Western Greece, Ionian islands and the Peloponnese. As far as it concers the snakes, it is worth noting the presence of European Cat Snake (Telescopus fallax) and Nose-horned Viper (Vipera ammodytes).

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