Discover Mt Pelion

Discover Mt Pelion

The geographic term Pelion is often used in a sense much wider than the pure oreographic connotation: the word Pelion is usually associated with the entire Magnesia Peninsula, a long mountain arm spreading from the Mt Ossa to Cape Trikeri. Between these landmarks and along both sides of the Mt Pelion range, there are vast coastal, lowland and hilly areas, also related to the term "Mt Pelion".

Mt Pelion was the home of Centaurus, a race of mythological creatures, half-man, half horse. They were said to be wild, savage, and lustful. The most respectul among them was their king, Chiron, who unlike his race he was intelligent and wise. Chiron and the Centaurus were inextricably related to Mt Pelion.

Thus, Mt Pelion is the reference term of an entire world of forested mountains, sunny beaches, traditional villages and immortal myths.

Pelion peninsula
Mt Pelion
Pelion peninsula

Mt Pelion, thanks to the abundant natural resources and the combination of sea and mountain features, has developed into an important economic and social component of mainland Greece. After the middle of the 20th century, in the context of the economic transformation of the country, Mt Pelion and the wider area developed into one of the major tourist destinations in the mainland, spreading out the unique elements of nature and culture that had been formed through the centuries.

Pelion topoGuides: The beech forest
Mt Pelion
The beech forest

A place of a lush vegetation and very rich nature, Mt Pelion is known for its forests - mainly its beautiful beech woods.

The flora of Pelion has not yet been deeply studied. From a synthesis of the known fragmentary data, 620 plant species and subspecies have been recorded. The area is home to a local endemic subspecies, Soldanella chrysosticta subsp. pelia, a rare and difficult to discover plant with beautiful purple flowers, which appears near permanently damp places within the shady beech forest.

Moreover, in Pelion hosts 23 Greek endemics, 26 Balkan endemics and 29 sub-Balkan endemics, ie species and subspecies that occur in the Balkans and in another neighboring region.

Pelion topoGuides: Going from Mouseri to Damouchari
Mt Pelion
Going from Mouseri to Damouchari

Part of the culture of Mt Pelion are also the trails and the cobbled paths, which have been maintained to very good condition. These very old paths have been integrated into a large and very interesting network of hiking trails, which reveals the endless connections of the mountainous and coastal villages. AnaDigit was the exclusive designer of the hiking network throughout Mt Pelion and created more than 100 routes, covering the municipalities of Volos, Zagora-Mouresi and South Pelion.

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The 4 hiking guides of Mt Pelion
Detailed descriptions, elevation profiles and analytic metrics for more than 100 hiking routes of Mt Pelion are included in the 5 topoguides, which cover the areas of North, Central, East, West and South Pelion.

North Pelion topoguide, Central Pelion topoguide, West Pelion topoguide, East Pelion topoguide και South Pelion topoguide are the only guides for the respective areas and include detailed multi-scale maps up to 1:2,500, multi-page chapters on the geography, history and nature of the areas, hundreds active Points of Interest and dozens of hiking trails, which actively navigate the hiker in the intricate relief of this beautiful place.

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The guides of Mt Pelion are members in the group of Central Greece. topoguide Greece provides active navigation along the hikes and helps the hiker to return to the route if he deviates from it.

It is very interesting that topoguide Greece has the ability to simultaneously display many areas, thus allowing the overall view of the detailed map of the whole of Mt Pelion and the easy alternation of the routes, the Points Of Interest and the dozens of pages of the guide with the countless photos.