Hiking in Kardamyli

Hiking in Kardamyli

The area of Kardamyli is a small hiking paradise in Greece. It is a place with rich history and complex relief, inhabited from the prehistoric times to now, by restless and active tribes, seeking and utilizing any available natural resource. During this struggle for survival, they built and etched upon the rocks and the slopes kilometres of cobbled paths and trails.

Kardamyli topoGuide
Kardamyli topoguide: On the path from Exochori to Tseria

A significant part of these trails, especially those forming the interconnecting network of settlements and monasteries around Kardamyli (that is, between Kardamyli, Aghia Sofia, Petrovouni, Prastio, Exochori, Tseria and Saidona, but also the monasteries of Lykaki and Sotiros), survived during the opening of the road network and are kept in good condition. These paths were cleansed two decades ago and marked with colored marks.

Kardamyli topoGuide
Kardamyli topoguide: The waymarking color coding of he hikes around Kardamyli

Although the marking is successfully coded on the basis of color and marks to dictate circular routes, the hiker can combine the marked network and other paths or alleys and compose its own route. Note, however, that the signposting is already old and damaged - in many cases scattered confirmatory marks have survived. The purpose of this application is to help the hiker to move safely throughout the area.

Hikes around Kardamyli

Kardamyli topoGuide
Kardamyli topoguide: Most trails around Kardamyli are suitable for children
Exochori loop trail (L= 3263 m)
Sotiras monastery-Pedino (L= 1468 m)
Prosilio-Kardamyli (L= 3982 m)
Prosilio-Kalyves (L= 1571 m)
Prastio-Saidona (L= 4001 m)
Prastio-Foneas (L= 1345 m)
Petrovouni-Prastio (L= 2194 m)
Petrovouni-Exochori (L= 3017 m)
Petrovouni-Kalyves (L= 2989 m)
Petrovouni-Agia Sofia (L= 1166 m)
Exochori-Saidona (L= 3891 m)
Kardamyli-Sotiras monastery (L= 3518 m)
Kardamyli-Petrovouni (L= 2162 m)
Malta-Kardamyli (L= 7069 m)
Kardamyli-Agia Sofia (L= 1706 m)
Kalyves-Tseria (L= 3666 m)
Kalyves loop trail (L= 4759 m)
Prastio-Kalamitsi (L= 1173 m)
Exochori-Myloi-Sotiras (L= 2426 m)
Exochori-Sotiras monastery (L= 2814 m)
Exochori-Doubitsia (L= 2333 m)
Agia Sofia-Kalyves (L= 2383 m)
Agia Sofia-Exochori (L= 2841 m)
Tseria-Exochori (L= 2235 m)
O32 Exochori-Tseria (L= 2858 m)

Hikes in Selinitsa

Trachila-Platanos (L= 3756 m)
Platsa-Malsova (L= 2543 m)
Pigi-Pantazi beach (L= 3087 m)
Trachila-Platanos (L= 3279 m)

Hikes around Milia

Pyrgos-Milia (L= 7121 m)
Milia-Panagia Giatrissa monastery (L= 4650 m)

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Self-guiding in Mani peninsula

All the above hikes are included in Kardamyli topoguide.

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