Flora of Valia Kalda

Flora of Valia Kalda

Text: A. Kaltsis
Photos: T. Adamakopoulos

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Valia Kalda topoGuide
Valia Kalda topoGuide: Campanula hawkinsiana

Ophiolitic rocks, thanks to their unique composition - basic to hyperbasic, with increased concentrations of heavy minerals (magnesium, silica, iron, nickel etc.) and poor in aluminium and calcium - host a flora that is adapted to these unusual geological conditions.

Valia Kalda topoGuide
Valia Kalda topoGuide: Viola albanica

Due to this specialization, several of these species exhibit also restricted distribution: some of the typical plant species growing in ophiolitic soils and occur in the area are the Greek emdemics Leptoplax emarginata, Bornmuellera tymphaea, the Balkan endemics Centaurea vlachorum, Bornmuellera baldaccii, Alkanna pindicola, Silene radicosa, Linum hologynum, Aubrieta scardica, Campanula hawkinsiana and others.

Valia Kalda topoGuide
Valia Kalda topoGuide: Allium flavum

The species Carex castroviejoi of Cyperaceae family was described as new species from the core of the National Park only in 2009 and occurs in very few damp sites of the Balkans.
Other typical species found in moist and wooded sites of the area are the speedwell Veronica serpyllifolia, the wild strawberry Fragaria vesca, the butterwort Pinguicula crystallina subsp. hirtiflora, the species Melittis melissophyllum, Ajuga reptans etc., but, of course, various orchids, such as Cephalanthera damasonium, Corallorhiza trifida, Dactylorhiza romana, Epipactis atrorubens, Neotinea maculata, Neotinea ustulata, Orchis pallens, Platanthera bifolia.

Pictures and information of plant species of Valia Kalda are included in Valia Kalda topoGuide application, available for both Android devices, and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).
The application guides the user to detect the area-type of each species.