Flora of Southern Pelion

Flora of Southern Pelion

The flora of Mt Pelion was never systematically studied. From a synthesis of the sofar knon fragmetary records, 620 plant species and subspecies have been recorded. From these, 12 are pteridophytes (ferns), 5 are gymnosperms (conifers) and the remaining 603 are angiosperms (521 dicots and 82 monocots).
Regarding endemics, Pelion hosts on local endemic supspecies, Soldanella chrysosticta susbp. pelia, a plant hard to see and rare, wth beautiful purple flowers, growing in permanently wet places in shady beech forests. Furthermore, Pelion hosts 23 Greek endemics, 26 Balkan sub-endemics, namely species and subspecies appearing only in the Balkans and one more neighboring area.

Southern Pelion topoGuide: Ophrys ferrum-equinum Southern Pelion topoGuide: Ophrys helenae Southern Pelion topoGuide: Ophrys lutea Southern Pelion topoGuide: Ophrys reinholdii

Southern Pelion hiking and nature guide

Southern Pelion topoguidee

Photos and descriptions for plant species of Southern Pelion are included in the hiking application Southern Pelion topoGuide, available for both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.
The application guides the user to locate the plant typical biotope.