Agia Kyriaki-Kavoulia lighthouse

South Pelion

Agia Kyriaki-Kavoulia lighthouse

South Pelion topoguide
South Pelion topoguide
The Kavoulia lighthouse

The visitor to Agia Kyriaki, even if he is not into hiking, can enjoy a short walk to Cape Kavoulia, where a 19th c. lighthouse rises.

The Kavoulia lighthouse was built in 1854 by the French Company of Lighthouses as part of the reorganization of the Eastern Mediterranean lighthouse network. Today it is classified as one of the historical preserved monuments of the country.

The Agia Kyriaki-Kavoulia lighthouse route could also be done as a circular route, continuing to Trikeri via the Trikeri-faros Kavoulia route.

We start from the port of Agia Kyriaki, following the asphalt road for a while. We arrive at the traditional shipyard, where one can see the various phases of repair and maintenance work. This small but bustling shipyard reminds us of the great importance of shipping in Trikeri. We cross the premises and climb a concrete path with steps.

South Pelion topoguide
South Pelion topoguide
The small village Mylos on the Agia Kyriaki-Kavoulia lighthouse trail
We reach a small ridge. We go down a dirt road towards the coast and with successive small paths we go around the settlement of Mylos. We pass by the small beach of Mylos and come out onto the asphalt. Following this asphalt we reach the picturesque port of Geroplina.

From here, take the clear 750 m long path serving the lighthouse on Cape Kavoulia. The lighthouse is in excellent condition, framed in a nice enclosure. It is one of the few lighthouses that has a lighthouse keeper.
South Pelion topoguide
South Pelion topoguide
An old shrine near the end of the Agia Kyriaki-Kavoulia lighthouse trail

Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos


The route is not marked, however the direction is obvious.

The length of the trail is 2.3 km. As it is almost horizontal, it is very easy and can be done by the whole family, in about 1 hour.

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