Fauna of Amorgos

Fauna of Amorgos

Amorgos topoGuide
Amorgos topoGuide: Bonelli's Eagle (Aquila fasciata)


Terrestrial mammals of Amorgos are – as expected – few, with Wild Rabbits and Beech Martens being the most common, while the Lesser White-toothed Shrew is also present, as well as small rodents (Black Rats, House Mice, Eastern Broad-toothed Field Mice etc.). 2-3 bat species have also been detected here. The marine area exhibits greater interest, with the presence of the Mediterranean Monk Seal, the Short-beaked Common Dolphin and probably other marine mammals.
Mediterranean seals (Monachus monachus) have been observed in the surrounding marine zone.


Amorgos topoGuide
Amorgos topoGuide: Chucar partridge (Alectoris chucar)

The ornithological interest of Amorgos is mainly focused in Seabirds, occurring in the wider marine area, the numerous islets and the coasts of the main island. Audouin’s Gulls, Scopoli's Shearwaters, Yelkouan Shearwaters and Shags reproduce in significant numbers in the region, making it among the most noteworthy marine zones for avifauna in the Aegean Sea. In the terrestrial part of the area the presence of Eleonora’s Falcons, breeding on the cliffs of the main island and the islets is the most noticeable, as well as 2-3 pairs of Bonelli’s Eagles, while due to the significant numbers of livestock Griffon Vultures from the colony of the adjacent island of Iraklia regularly visit Amorgos.
Apart from these and outside the migrating periods, the birds on the island are rather few and the typical of the small islands of the Aegean, that is Hooded Crows, Ravens, Common Buzzards, Kestrels, Peregrine Falcons, Blue Rock Thrushes, Little Owls, Barn Owls, Sardinian Warblers, Crested Larks, Black-eared Wheatears etc.

Reptiles and amphibians

Amorgos topoGuide
Amorgos topoGuide: Snake-eyed Skink (Ablepharus_kitaibelii)

The number of reptiles in Amorgos is rather small. The common Erhard's Wall Lizard is identified here as a distinct local subspecies (Podarcis erhardii subsp. amorgensis), while the two common Gekkos are present, Kotschy's and Turkish Gecko, but also the Snake-eyed Skink. Among snakes European Cat Snake, Sand Boa and Four-lined Snake are known to occur on the island, while despite of some vague reports of locals, Nose-horned Viper seems to be absent.

Amorgos topoGuide
Amorgos topoGuide: Greek Marsh Frog (Pelophylax kutrmuelleri)

In Amorgos there are no particularly suitable habitats for the Amphibians: Green Toads and Greek Marsh Frogs, the sole amphibians of the island, are restricted in water ponds close to springs and seasonal streams, in the marshy areas close to coasts, in the dam of Katapola etc.

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