Kalymnos, with its innumerable secluded aspects, the untouched beaches and the sacred peak, offers an inexhaustible terrain for walking. Furthermore, the diverse and rugged terrain has advocated the preservation of the old paths and, most important, the paths connecting major destinations such as the settlements, their ports, the bays and the scattered churches and monasteries.

The first step in identifying and mapping these paths was done in 2009, during the creation of the first hiking map of the island by Anavasi. More recently, the group Paths of Greece compiled a proposal for the creation of a hiking network.

In order to better serve the hikers in the difficult terrain of the island, Alternet-Greece, a destination management company specialized on the development and promotion of alternative forms of tourism, proposes the hiking application Kalymnos hiking. The application was developed by AnaDigit.

The app includes routes, descriptions and photos for 16 hiking trails and 4 bike rides. Each trail has an elevation profile, a statistic analysis, a detailed description, several photos and a POIs list.

Beside the hikes and rides, the app provides am extensive list of virtually all the climbing sectors and offers information and maps for the approach.

In the field, the application identifies the nearest route and make active navigation to it and then along it, with continuous messages to the user, while pops-up photos on every interesting or important terrain feature close to his position. If the hiker position is more than 20 meters far from the trail, the application warns him and suggests how to go back.