Map of Tenaro area

Map of Tenaro area
Points of Interest

Tenaro topoguide
Tenaro topoguide: The majestic Tenaro cape lighthouse

The map of Tenaro area hosted in this page, is also included in the application Tenaro topoguide.

This topoGuide map is created by a dedicated map server and offers 18 zoom levels, corresponding to a scale range going down to 1:2.500. Across more than 20 thematic levels compiled to compose the map of Tenaro area, the user can find:

  • More than 150 km of paths.
  • All road network, down to 4X4 dirt roads.
  • More than 100 place names.
  • All churches and monasteries of the Tenaro area.
  • All ancient and medieval monuments.
  • All springs and fountains.
  • All the beaches.

Points of Interest (POIs)

Tenaro topoGuide includes of Points of Interest. Select a group of POIs to plot them on the map.

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Self-guiding in Mani peninsula

The guide Tenaro topoguide guides the user along all the hiking routes of the district, as well as to find POIS. Most POIS are presented with descriptions and photos in an extended guide book, covering all aspects of geography, history and nature of the area.

Tenaro topoguide is available for Android devices as one of dozens of regions of Greece offered by the application topoguide Greece. Get the Tenaro topoguide as an in-app purchase.

Tenaro topoguide is also available for iOS (iPhone και iPad) devices as one of the regions offered in the hiking application Topoguide Greece. Get the in-app purchase Tenaro topoguide and explore Mani peninsula.

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