Hiking in Tenaro

Hiking in Tenaro

The zone south of Mezapos and up to Cape Tenaro is adorned with the most rocky and rugged landscapes of Mani. Much of this wild area is inaccessible by vehicle and the only way to get to some of the area's most remarkable landmarks is by hiking.

Agitria (Panagia Odigitria) and the Byzantine castle in Tigani are served by relatively good paths, walkable even by children. On the other hand, the crossing of Poula, the rocky plateau on Kavo Grosso, though short, is relatively painful because of the rocky terrain. The descent from Ochia to Gerolimenas takes advantage of the impressive "Skali", the old mountain access of the small harbor.

Tenaro topoGuide
Tenaro topoguide: Crossing the gate of Tigani fortress

On the slopes of Mt Sagias, the paths that lead to Agia Pelagia and Agios Asomatos chapels are in good condition and the walking itself as well as the aesthetics of the destination location compensate the hiker. Above the Boularii, the path to Pepo has been closed by the vegetation, while the cobbled path to Leontaki is still walkable.

Tenaro topoGuide
Tenaro topoguide: The bad condition of the signpost mirrors the condition of the paths themselves

The trails at Cape Tanaro are in relatively good condition. For an introduction, you can make the short hike from Agriokampi to the old cemetery of the Mianes (till the chapel of Agii Theodori), which offers some nice views to the surrounding land- and seascape. Much more thrilling is the descent from the Mianes to the Tenaro lighthouse, an easy downhill route with great views.
Of course, the best hike in the area is the wide track that served the Tenaro lighthouse. The trail is well trotten and almost level and can be done by the whole family. Arriving at the majestic lighthouse will fully satisfy the hiker.

Hikes near Gerolimenas

Tenaro topoGuide
Tenaro topoguide: Walking down 'Skali', the steep stairs to Gerolimenas
Alika-Kyparissos (L= 1834 m)
Ochia-Gerolimenas (L= 1680 m)
Diporo-Leondaki (L= 1929 m)
Agia Kyriakii-Agitria (L= 1172 m)
Stavri-Tigani (L= 3130 m)
Nomia-Kalonii (L= 1512 m)
Mezapos loop (L= 5370 m)
Kalonii-Asomatos (L= 3555 m)
Kalonii-Agia Pelagia (L= 2625 m)
Katopagi, Ippola (L= 2495 m)
Alyka-Leontakis (L= 4256 m)

Hikes in Cape Tenaro

Tenaro topoGuide
Tenaro topoguide: On the Mianes-Tenaro lighthouse path
Kokkinogia-Cape Tenaro (L= 2006 m)
Mianes-Kokkinogia (L= 1660 m)
Paliros-Koureli (L= 1528 m)
Agriokambi-AgTheodori (L= 691 m)
Mianes-Tenaro lighthouse (L= 4405 m)
Mermari-Grigorakis tower (L= 1445 m)

Note that on all the above hikes, waymarking is completely non-existent - there are just a few old signposts left. Note also that there are some more hikes that may have signposts at their start/end points and even appear on obsolete maps, guides and websites. However, they are not included in this list because, even if a section is faisible, the spiny vegetation makes impossible to complete the trail.

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Self-guiding in Mani peninsula

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