Ursa Trail: Metsovo-Anilio Ski Centre

Epirus: Ursa Trail

Trail Metsovo-Anilio Ski Centre

The route starts from central square of Metsovo and follows a wide cobbled road (Averoff street) to the park of Aghios Georgios. From the park, the route goes down a cobbled path, turns right at the fork and arrives in an asphalt road passing beside the monastery Kimisis tis Thetokou and reaches the road bridge of the Metsovitikos river. We leave immediately the road entering a wide path.

The path goes smoothly uphill crossing a stream twice. After 500 meters we enter a bad dirt road for 400 meters and then a steep path that climbs straight on the the right side of the stream to the very large meadow la Vrise ("the sources"). We leave smaller paths on our left and then reach a dirt road that we follow uphill, passing a fountain with drinking water. At the intersection, we continue right on a dirt road closed by an earth barrier and get closer to the Grand Forest hotel.

Shortly before reaching the hotel, we leave the dirt road and take a slightly downhill path crossing meadows with black pines until we reach the position Gkantelou, where we find a stream. The path descends beside the stream and after 500 meters it becomes a small road that leads to the asphalt road. We then cross the Egnatia highway junction over the tunnel. The trail gradually ascends steeply up to a large meadow (position Koukourou). We continue on a small road that soon becomes a path and pass right of a pointy rock (position Papankola) and continue on a steep slope to the plateau - parking where the chalet is located, as well as the chapel of Profitis Ilias.

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