Flora of Skyros

Flora of Skyros

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The intese contrast and mosaic of geology of Skyros reflects also in the diversity of vegetation and habitats that one will observe on the island. In the northern part, the pine forest prevails in the NW part, while the rocky coasts are covered by lush shrubland in the west and from sparser low vegetation in the east.Areas with hygrophilous vegetation occur in this part of the island. In the contrary, in Kochilas low and prhyganic vegetaπtion prevails and tree thickets appear sporadically on the mountain slopes. Extremely significant in this area are the plant communities growing on the extended cliffs system and the rocky outcrops.

The flora of Skyros is estimated to include more than 750 species. Its composition is particularly interesting, as on the island are met plants principally distributed in Cyclades, in Evia and Stera Ellas and the Eastern Aegean. The number of species with restricted range and thus are included in the national list of rare and endangered species (around 10) is notable, compared to the small area of the island.

Photos and Descriptions of dozens of flora species are included in the application Skyros topoGuide. The application guides the user to locate the POI with accuracy.

Aubrieta scyria Campanula _merxmuelleri Limonium sinuatum Silene sedoides