Include your adventures into your site or your blog

AnaDigit can compose your own adventures and promote them through all connected sites.
Or, you can include and our/your adventures into your site or your blog, offering advanced services.

Put into your site could be added easily to a site page, offering the best outdoor-oriented map for Greece, including an advanced toolbox for routing, data creation and editing, searching, automated storage of data etc.
Our partner can benefit of all or a part of functions.

Create your own Adventure book

If your activity implies the creation and display of your own Adventures, you procced to a "parther agreement" and you create a partner account in Based on your input and data, AnaDigit will compile your Adventures, either they belong to the existing activity types or to a new one. The partner will decide if his Adventures will be visible in the public space, maximizing the promotion effect, or they will be exclusively viewable through his own website.

Adventure websites

AnaDigit can create a new Adventure website for you or attach some new pages to your existing website. We offer interactive maps, genuine descriptions on geography and nature topics, fresh photos (either form our huge archive focusing on architecture, culture, nature, local people and outdoor activities, or new on location photo-shooting), route descriptions and special analysis and charts (like this example from the Menalon Trail website we created recently).

Other services

Our partners can load On-location advertising banners, that are visible in the photo-bar when the user enters the focus area on the map.
Our partners can use one frame in the photo-bar to promote a service or a product. Advertising banners occupy the two first places of the photo-bar and all they display in a sequential way (a priority is given however to the newcomers). Link from this frame could focus on a specific location on the map or simply open a website.
Our partners can load geo-taged photos related to an activity or a product. These photos will be visible, like all other photos, when the user enters the relevant map extent.