Springs and fountains of Zagori area

Springs and fountains of Zagori

Zagori topoGuide
Zagori topoGuide: Konomou fountain in Tsepelovo

Hundreds of small and large fountains are scattered throughout Zagori, thanks to the running waters of the area. However, within Zagori there is a graduation in the quantity of the surface waters from East to West, with eastern Zagori having more running waters and the Western quite a few, most probably due to the perforated limestone ground of Tymfi. Consequently, the technique of wells and cisterns was mostly developed there.

Zagori topoGuide
Zagori topoGuide: Krouna spring, on the Astraka alpine meadows

Fountains are an integral part of a Zagorian village, usually located in the central square of the settlement, and should therefore strictly maintain the local architecture style. The majority of them are stone built and covered, as they were also a point of social gathering or rest for travelers (several fountains exist upon the most important routes outside the settlements).

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