Flora of Elafonisi-Sougia area

Flora of Elafonisi-Sougia area

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SW Crete hosts an important part of the island's botanical treasure. Extensive slopes covered with phrygana host many of the common species occuring in Crete, while rocky cliffs and sand dunes are the main habitats hosting the most interesting (endemic and rare) plants.

Flora of Elafonisi-Sougia area: Phoenix theophrastii Flora of Elafonisi-Sougia area: Anacamptis fragrans Flora of Elafonisi-Sougia area: Centaurea pumilio Flora of Elafonisi-Sougia area: Dracunculus vulgaris Flora of Elafonisi-Sougia area: Ranunculus asiaticus Flora of Elafonisi-Sougia area: Ophrys heldreichi

Rare trees, such as the coastal juniper Juniperus macrocarpa and the Phoenix theophrasti palm, strictly protected species, such as the winter lily Androcymbium rechingeri and the dittany, Origanum dictamnus, local endemic plants such as the sea lavender of Elafonisi Limonium elaphonisicum, accompany common phrygana shrubs, elegant annual herbs and attractive bulbs.

Photos and descriptions of species of the flora of Elafonisi-Sougia area are included in the app Elafonisi-Sougia topoGuide, available for Android devices, as well as for iOS iOS devices (iPhone και iPad). The application guides the user to locate the plants with accuracy.