Discover Methana

Discover Methana

Methana: Krassopanagia Cape
Methana: The church of Krasopanagia

The Methana Peninsula opens up like a mushroom from the north coast of Argolis. Along with volcanoes of Milos, Santorini and Nisyros, Methana belong to the South Aegean volcanic arc. The northern part of the penisnula is of volcanic origin. About 30 volcanic domes have been identified throughout Methana. Most of the volcanic cones are located in the center of the peninsula, around the village of Kameni Chora.

The Methana peninsula has several scattered settlements and many small archaeological sites. The largest settlement of the area, Methana, is known for its thermal baths.

Due to the volcanic origin of the soil, flora includes many interesting species and among them some quite rare or endemic species.

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Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos