Orchids of Areopoli

Orchids of Areopoli

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Areopoli topoguide: Oprhys speculum

Around 15 species of orchids have been recorded in the wider Areopolis area. The most common species by far is Serapias orientalis, which can be found everywhere, from roadside to abandoned terraces, while Ophrys tenthredinifera, Ophrys ferrum-equinum, Ophrys lutea and Himantoglossum robertianum are rather common.

Areopoli topoguide
Areopoli topoguide: Ophrys ferrum-equinum

Other, relatively unusual, species in the area are Ophrys sphegodes, the very impressive Ophrys speculum and the uncommon Ophrys reinholdii, while Ophrys mammosa, Ophrys bombyliflora and Ophrys attica are also somewhat difficult to spot. Of the other genera, the most common are Orchis italica and Anacamptis palilionacea.

Areopoli topoguide
Areopoli topoguide: Ophrys iricolor
Areopoli topoguide
Areopoli topoguide: Himantoglossum robertianum

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Photos and descriptions of orchid species of Areopoli are included in Areopoli topoguide.

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