Springs and cisterns of Hydra

Springs and cisterns of Hydra

Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos

The springs in Hydra are very few and they have been spotted and utilized with care.

The wells, either by collecting the water of small gushes, or just by draining the surface waters, is the main water collecting method in Hydra.

Hydra topoGuide: the Kala Pigadia wells Hydra topoGuide: Prodektis cistern Hydra topoGuide: the large well in Kaminia Hydra topoGuide: Two walls in Kaminia

The scattered small and large cisterns is the answer of the locals to the scarcity of spring waters. The majority of cisterns is still in use and the water rather clear - but usually not drinkable.

Photos and descriptions of souvalas of Hydra are included in the application Hydra topoGuide. The application is available for Android devices as well as for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) by AnaDigit.
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