Flora of Hydra

Flora of Hydra

Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos

Identify plants species

The flora of Hydra is very interesting, with quite rare or local species. The most important species is undoubtedly the beautiful fritillary Fritillaria rhodocanakis, abundant around Eros summit. Other notable species are the bellflower Campanula anchusiflora, the island crocus Crocus tournefortii, Malcolmia graeca hydraea, Stachys swainsonii argolica, Rumex vesicarius, Phagnalon saxatile, Bellevalia trifoliata and Erodium gruinum.
In all corners of the island, but mainly around the settlement of Hydra there are many breadseed poppies (Papaver somniferum).

Hydra topoGuide: Fritillaria rhodocanakis Hydra topoGuide: Anacamptis pyramidalis Hydra topoGuide: Convolvulus pentapetaloides Hydra topoGuide: Moraea sisyrinchium Hydra topoGuide: Ophrys cinereophila Hydra topoGuide: Ophrys oestrifera

The orchids are represented by many and noteworthy species, with Anacamptis pyramidalis, Ophrys ferrum-equinum and Ophrys lutea being the more abundant. More rare are Ophrys basilissa and Ophrys mycenensis.

Photos and descriptions of flora species of Hydra island are included in the application Hydra topoGuide. The application is available for Android devices as well as for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) by AnaDigit.
The application guides the user to locate the POI with accuracy.