Hiking in Avia

Hiking in Avia

Thanks to the steep terrain of Avia, the old roads between the coastal zone and the mountainous settlements, which maintained close relations with their lowlands cousins, have been preserved. These old roads were recently organized on a hiking trail network.

Avia topoguide
Avia topoguide: Biliovos, the impressive pathway from Sotirianika to Altomira

Hikes near Verga

On the steep slopes between Kato and Pano Verga and up to the peaks of Mount kalathio, where Pano Verga kept its mountain pastures, a remarkable network of paths is maintained. Interestingly, these paths can be made in a serial way, composing a long crossing from the coast to the isolated - and now deserted - village of Pigadia, at the gates of Mt Taygetos.

Kato Verga-Ano Verga (L= 4691 m)
Ano Verga-Profitis Ilias summit (L= 2897 m)
Ano Verga-Pigadia (L= 10356 m)

Hikes around Kambos

Another group of hikes have been preserved around Kambos, the main village of Avia. The most important of all these old pathways is Bilivos, the stunning stone-built path from Sotirianika to Altomira, a true work of art and technique. Other very interesting paths are the connections between Sotirianika and Orova or Kambos, as well as the crossing between Abia and Kardamyli (Malta-Kardamyli trail).

Sotirianika-Altomira (L= 5513 m)
Voreio-Pigadia (L= 7525 m)
Sotirianika-Orova (L= 4440 m)
Kambos-Sotirianika (L= 5558 m)
Charavgi-Mikri Mantinia (L= 2659 m)
Malta-Kardamyli (L= 7069 m)
Sotirianika-Agios Georgios monastery (L= 3790 m)

The great crossing of Avia

A long course of two-day trekking is Avia's mountainous crossing, from Armitsa to Pigadia and then via the Koskara Gorge to Sandava beach.

Armitsa-Pigadia (L= 8241 m)
Koskaraga gorge (L= 15847 m)

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