Flora of Avia

Flora of Avia

Text: A. Kaltsis
Photos: T. Adamakopoulos

Avia topoguide
Avia topoguide: Fritillaria davisii

The proximity of the Avia area to the botanical paradise of Taygetos and the southern part of Mani, which also has high floristic diversity, has resulted in the occurrence of some interesting plant species in a zone that, to a large extent, exhibits intense anthropogenic activity. The broader zone of Koskaraga ravine is the most noteworthy in floristic terms: here we will find the rare chasmophytes Lithodora zahnii and Thalictrum orientale, the bulbs Fritillaria davisii and Scilla messeniaca and others.

It is of great interest the fact that in the highly pressured coastal area between Avia and Kitries a very localized endemic species, the Messenian limonium Limenium messeniacum grows.

Avia topoguide
Avia topoguide: Scilla messeniaca

Photos and descriptions for plant species of Avia area are included in the hiking application Avia topoguide.
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