Hiking on Western Pelion

Hiking on Western Pelion

In Western Pelion area, more than 25 interesting hiking routes have been signposted.

Hiking routes around Agios Lavrentios, Agios Georgios and Kato Gatzea

ΔWestern Pelion topoguide
Western Pelion topoguide: In the Platanorema stream, the main ravine on the Milies-Afetes route

  • Agios Georgios-Exagathia refuge 3.8km / 2h
  • Drakia-Agios Lavrentios 3.7km / 1h10'
  • Ano Lechonia-Agios Georgios 4.8km / 2h
  • Agios Vlassios-Ano Lechonia via Paleokastro 3.3km / 1h10'
  • Agios Vlassios-Ano Lechonia via Strofilos 3km / 1h10'
  • Agria-Agios Lavrentios 6.8km / 2h45'
  • Agios Lavrentios-Chania 10.2km / 5h30'
  • Agios Lavrentios-Agios Vlassios 4.9km / 1h45'
  • Agios Lavrentios-Agios Georgios 5.7km / 2h10'
  • Agios Georgios-Pinakates 4.1km / 1h30'
  • Agios Georgios-Kato Gatzea 5.7km / 2h

Western Pelion topoguide: Σήμανση διαδρομών
Western Pelion topoguide: Exiting Milies, on the Milies-Kala Nera via the Chiron cave route

Hiking routes around Milies

  • Milies-Tsagarada 10.6km / 4h45'
  • Milies-Taxiarches cave-church 1.8km / 0h45
  • Milies-Ταξιάρχες-Vyzitsa 3km / 1h30
  • Milies-Νεοχώρι 10.8km / 4h10'
  • Milies-Afetes
  • Milies-Lambinou 6.9km / 2h30'
  • Milies-Kala Nera via the Chiron cave 4.8km / 1h45'
  • Milies-Kala Nera via Panagia chapel 4.1km / 1h30'
  • Milies-Kala Nera 4.8km / 1h30'
  • Milies-Koropi 5.4km / 1h30'
  • Koropi-Afetes 5.5km / 1h45'
  • Vyzitsa-Milies 2.3km / 0h45'
  • Vyzitsa-Kala Nera 4.5km / 1h30'
  • Pinakates-Vyzitsa 2.2km / 0h45'
  • Pinakates-Kala Nera 4.7km / 1h45'

The most comprehensive hiking guide for hiking in Western Pelion area is the application Western Pelion topoguide, available for Android, as well as for iOS devices.

Western Pelion topoguide is a digital guide for hiking and touring and offers active guidance and usefyl information for 24 hiking routes.