Mt. Ziria (or Mt. Kylini, 2.374 μ.) is the highest mountain of Korinthia and the second of Peloponnese, just behind Mt. Taygetos. Like the others massifs of the mountain wall of Northern Peloponnese, Mt Ziria rises sharply from the sea level to its peaks, most of them going over 2000m. A large plateau spreads at 1500m and hosts the small lake of Dassios. The Ziria massif is divided into two complexes, the Major Ziria and the Little Ziria (2,080 m). The two complexes surround the ravine of Flambouritsa, from where the Trikalitikos river, Sythas river of antiquity, flows.
Mt Ziria offers a wide network of hiking trails, some of which are well-marked. Beside, the morphology and the mountain road network are suitable for MTB rides, while the significant Ziria Race mountain range gathers hundreds of entries each year.

Ζήρεια: η νότια όψη

A complete hiking and nature guide are included in the application Ziria topoguide, which offers an introduction to the area geography, history and nature and provides descriptions and active guiding for 18 hiking routes.