Hiking in Zakynthos

The third largest of the Ionian Islands, Zakynthos is one of the most tourist islands of Greece. Over one million visitors each year rest in one of the hundreds of accommodations or explore the remote corners.

A significant percentage of the visitors of the island are looking for a more natural way to get in touch with the landscape and the nature of Zakynthos. They focus on mountain villages, deserted beaches and forested peaks, looking for secret pathways that will lead them to a remote church, a hidden cave or an anonymous ridge. The Municipality of Zakynthos, in an effort to better guide hikers and nature lovers, assigned AnaDigit to record the current situation and to design the necessary hiking routes.

Although a only a few fragments of the old mountain roads and paths are preserved on the island, ita has been possible to link the remaining small paths with pleasant dirt roads and compile a hiking tour network. An extented network 85 km long, divided in 27 hiking routes, has been proposed.

The 27 hiking routes are included in the hiking application Zakynthos hiking, offered for free by the Municipality of Zakynthos.