Hiking in Kefalonia

Kefalonia, with an area of 734 sq.km, is the largest of the Ionian Islands (or Eptanisa). The coastline is deeply recessed and apart from the many small bays, forms a deep gulf between the main island and Palliki (Argostoli bay). The coast is rocky and steep through the Ionian sea whereas the east side has a milder morphology.
Despite its size, Kefalonia ranks third in population (35.000 in.), after populous Corfu and Zakynthos. The reason is the very mountainous and often barren ground, prompting its residents to form many but very small settlements.
The center of the island is occupied by Mt.Enos with its highest peak Mega Soros (1.628m.). North of it rises Aghia Dhinati (1.131m.).

Kefalonia: Mt. Aenos

Despite the high relief, there are many opprtunities for hiking on the island. The old mule track network has been paved to asphalt, but there are several trails left intact. Moreover, some pockets when explored reveal small but very interesting trails, such as Fiskardo area, where the construction and the signposting of the hiking network was undertaken by the group Paths of Greece.
In total, more than 20 interesting hiking routes can be identified on the island, most of them being included in the Kefalonia topoGuide hiking app.