Hiking in Epidavros

The term «Epidaurus», as a region and as a cultural spot, is usually associated with the temple of Asclepius and the magnificent ancient theatre near Ligourio where the last years is running the Athens Festival and other related events.
In the region of Epidaurus there are two settlements that inherit the same name, Palea Epidavros (which has been renamed to Ancient Epidavros) and Nea Epidavros.
Palea Epidavros, beyond being a scenic settlement, it includes the remains of the ancient city on the peninsula, where a small theatre, called the Small Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, has been excavated and restored and which every summer hosts major performances. On the west side of the settlement, a cluster of 15 Mycenaean tholos tombs has been excavated. In the southern bay, one can spot two complexes of submerged ancient buildings.
In Nea Epidavros, the visitor should visit the Museum of the First National Assembly who gave the status to current Greek state in early 1822, while above the village, on a rocky plateau with panoramic view, stands a small Byzantine castle.
Besides the archaelogical and cultural approach, Palea Epidavros area is ideal for hiking.

Epidavros: Panagia Polemarcha monastery

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