Hiking in Alonnisos

Alonissos Island has been registered as one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Northern Aegean islands. The lack of tourism "noise" and the simplicity of things offers the visitor of the island the feeling of an original place, a minimalistic paradise, which manages quietly to be more seductive than other places, more rich yet more tedious.
The island hosts a rich network of old roads and paths and among them the cobbled paths between the Old Village (Chora) and the seaport and the beaches of Mikros Mourtias and Megalos Mourtias. Another old road is the path that crosses the backbone of the island, starting from the Chora and ending at Gerakas. Finally, there are several shortest paths leading to the secluded beaches of the north coastline, like Megali Ammos, Tourkoneri, and Agios Dimitrios.

Alonissos: the Old Village (Chora)

All important hiking routes are described in the hiking guide edited and published by Elias Tsoukanas and Bente Keller. The guide can be ordered here.