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topoGuide apps: a new generation of field guides

After years of development, the cartographic company AnaDigit created the topoGuide range of digital field guides. Built for the demanding traveller and explorer, the topoGuide apps are based on cutting-edge technology in digital cartography, and offer the most complete and reliable field information.

topoGuide apps

What is a topoGuide field guide ?

The topoGuide is the successor to the well known pair of guide-book and map. It focuses on a specific area and combines several innovations, like proposing the most interesting and meaningful trails of the area, step-by-step guidance on the trail and continuous flow of location-aware information.
topoGuide apps run fully off-line (without an Internet connection). All necessary data are downloaded during the installation of the app and are automatically updated when important changes are available.
In situ, just a few seconds after the user starts-up the app, the topoGuide proposes a list of nearby routes. Once the user selects a route, he receives instructions to reach the nearest point. On the trail, the hiker is guided step-by-step by visual indications on the way to follow or on notable intersections. Adjacent photos and Points of Interest (POIs) related to the specific trail are prompting the user by vibration or sound; most POIs are related to detailed chapters, where the user can learn about the monuments, the architecture and the nature of the area.
If the user accidentally leaves the route, the application notifies him, and then guides him back to the route.

A topoGuide app is built around four main components:

The guide-bookPorto Website Template

The application provides an extensive introduction to the geography, geology, history and nature of the area. All landscape features related to the proposed routes are detailed in a specific chapter, accessible through the guide-book.
All texts and pictures in the guide-book are original content, written and photographed signed by our experts or authors of relevant scientific articles or books.

The mapPorto Website Template

The map screen provides the tools to explore the area's cartography and record waypoints and tracks. A routing simulation, with fly-to animation and interactive elevation profile helps the user to study a selected route.

The Points of interest (POIs) listPorto Website Template

The POIs list is a table with hundreds of interesting places or features of the region. The table is interactively related to the map and the guide-book. A searching engine and various types of sorting help the user find and locate POIs on the map.

The adventuresPorto Website Template

The most important feature of the topoGuide apps are the included Adventures, i.e. routes conceived by acknowledged cartographers and mountaineers. Each adventure is presented through statistics, graphic analysis, a detailed description, several photos and its own POIs list. Before the trip, the user can scrutinize the adventure through a simulation mode, while in the field, each adventure provides step-by-step instructions.